Lekan Wellington Adegunwa is the founder and director of The Reconciliation Ministries UK, a non-profit organisation since 2005. He also serves as director in many profit and non-profit organisations. He has organised and facilitated leadership development training that cuts across national and multicultural backgrounds in and outside of the United Kingdom. Through his coaching, mentoring and partnership network, Wellington has been a great catalyst in the success story of many professional and business people.

In addition to his vast experience as a prolific conference speaker, training facilitator and a leader of leaders, he has a postgraduate degree in Leadership from the University of Chester. Wellington is a member of the John Maxwell Team and a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Wellington’s holistic approach to capacity and personal development is fundamental to his new charity organisation, Uplift Global, which focuses on Leadership, Family and Health. He is presently involved with many projects, focusing on supporting and empowering people to experience excellent mental well-being.

He is a husband, a father and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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